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Jody Q Weddings pride themselves on being Wedding experts within Bali and Perth. Jody and the Team split themselves between the two locations all year round, to ensure that they keep up bonds with the local wedding vendors, but more importantly they spread their time to ensure that there is someone with you throughout your whole wedding journey.


Here you will find some information on why these two beautiful wedding destinations hold a special place in Jody’s heart and what they have to offer you.

Beautiful Bali Wedding Villas

Our extensive range of Bali Wedding Villas and Venues have been carefully selected to suit most couples, styles, budgets and locations.


Jody Q Weddings has 100’s of beautiful Bali Wedding Villas and Venues to choose from and will help you find that Magnificent private clifftop villa in Uluwatu, the Luxurious splendour of private beachfront Villas in Canngu and those Magical Tropical Treetop Hideaways in Ubud.




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