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How to Start Your Wedding Planning in 2017

If you’re one of those lucky couples who recently became engaged over the past couple of days, Congratulations!


Just Got Engaged ?

Over the next 4 weeks we will be bringing you a series of tips in How to Start Your Wedding Planning in 2017.

Start your wedding plans for 2017, without feeling overwhelmed.

Maybe it’s all that festive spirit, but the holiday season is prime engagement time.

If you’re one of those lucky couples who recently became engaged over the past couple of days, Congratulations!

No doubt your wedding planning is likely to, or will be one of your highest priorities, on your New Year’s resolutions list.

So before you rush out to buy your first Bridal magazine, subscribe to 10 dozen wedding planning websites or fill every weekend up over the next few months with bridal expos, dress shopping and pinning every picture you find related to weddings on Pinterest, We wanted to help give you just some of our professional guidance to help you kick-start your new year, on an organised path.



Enjoy being Engaged

Whilst you’re Instagram and Facebook threads by now is probably filled with 100’s of different angled shots of your beautiful ring,  and you’re getting use to wearing this glorious beauty on your finger, be sure to take time out,  and think about what it truly means, and how you got to be wearing it.

Often as the wearer of the ring (A.K.A – Bride to Be), most of you want to start planning your weddings  straight away, jumping onto the first wedding related discussion thread you find asking for tips and advice and then running full steam ahead with getting caught up in the whirlwind of wedding planning and forgetting to enjoy being engaged.

Stop. Breathe, Relax and Enjoy the moment – You’ve just got engaged.

Your engagement ring is a symbol of Love.

The ancient Greeks believed wearing a ring on the forth finger of the left hand where the “vena amoris” (vein of love) is, was supposed to connect to the heart.

Your wearing this magnificent symbol as somebody in this world (A.K.A your fiancé) wanted to share their love for you in a symbolic way, having spent weeks, months, or possibly years waiting for the right time and moment to ask you to spend the rest of your life with them.

It’s one of the most important questions they will ever ask, and one that should be reciprocated accordingly.

So before you start to think or mention the word wedding before January 1st, connect with your heart (fiancé) and enjoy this amazing time of being engaged, together.

You’ll find the progression to wedding planning that much sweeter if you allow yourselves to connect and enjoy being engaged first and when the time feels right for both of you, start discussing planning your wedding together.


Send Engagement Announcements

Whilst many couples decide to send a save-the-date instead of an engagement announcement, there are still some who prefer to send both. Since your engagement news may have gotten lost in all of the holiday excitement, the beginning of the year could be an opportunity to connect with loved ones and send a note announcing your good news.




Financial Wedding Etiquette and Budgeting

In today’s modern society, we’ve noticed over the past 10 years, the vast decline in traditional wedding etiquette of the Bride and Grooms families paying for the couple’s entire wedding, with most couples now wanting to pay for their weddings themselves.

If you’re one of those couples who fall into this category of paying for your own wedding, or for those semi traditionalist allowing  your families to contribute to costs, then the following is a must read, before you start planning your wedding in 2017.

If your New Year’s resolution is to begin to save for your wedding, then you must start a budget planner now.

A budget planner will help you track your weekly/fortnightly/monthly spending on everyday living expenses and show you what you’re left with at the end of your pay for savings towards your wedding.

If you’re one of those couples who pays bills as they come in, consider changing the frequency in the New Year, by contributing towards your bills as you get paid.

This is not only a fantastic way for you to get ahead with your bills but will hopefully help you know exactly how much surplus you’re left with at the end of your pay weeks to be able to save .

Most organizations/companies offer BPAY facilities, and allow you to make regular payments towards your biller accounts, so the contributions you make regularly are counted towards reducing the amount payable when the account becomes due.

As an example, you both get paid fortnightly, and your electricity bill is usually $250.00 per bi-month (2 months).

That works out to be $1500.00 (annually)

If you put $70.00 per fortnight towards your Power bill, you would have made payment of $280.00 by the time the account is due, leaving a credit on your account.

By continuing to do this for a year, over 26 fortnights you’ll find your total payments made have been $1820.00, minus the annual charge total amount of $1500, will leave your  account with  $320.00 in credit at the end of the year.

Imagine having an amazing wedding with a relaxing honeymoon to follow, a little extra money to go away with and no bill hangovers to come home to!

We’ve put together links to the following tools to give you all the help needed to stay ahead in 2017




Discuss Budget

Creating a wedding budget isn’t as easy as most people think, especially with the overload of information available online.

The reality is that you can spend anywhere from $500.00 to $50,000 + on a wedding, and there’s not a great way of determining an exact spend without a bit of industry experience.

For traditional and semi traditionalists, It’s often easiest to work with your families and discuss exactly how much can be contributed and what each family are willing to pay. Having this conversation at the beginning of your Budget planning will help assist everyone.

How you go about having these conversations with your parents, grandparents, family contributors, and each other, is one of the most important tasks to get through early in your wedding planning stage.

If you’re paying for all or part of your wedding yourselves, make sure you’ve started your budget planner first before deciding on a wedding budget. Try as best you can to minimise using your credit cards towards your wedding any way possible.

By forecasting your Savings may help you with choosing a wedding date that’s going to be more in line with the length of time it will take you to save for your budget,  as opposed to having the burden of putting your wedding on credit cards.

We’ve put together links to the following tools to help with forecasting how long it will take you to save for your Wedding Budget.

Use both calculators to see the difference using savings as opposed to credit cards makes. Be Savvy to stay ahead in 2017.





Decide whether to hire a Professional Wedding Planner

We know you’re probably thinking “more money, no I’ll do all my wedding planning myself and save”, but consider the following, before completely eliminating the idea of getting the help of an industry professional.

  1. Established, qualified and professional wedding planners such as Jody Q Weddings, have been around long enough to know what you can expect to spend on a wedding and how to make your dollar go further.
  2. Established, qualified and professional wedding planners, know who the best vendors are for your budget and where to find those perfectly unique decorations you’re obsessing over, to compliment your theme.
  3. We will help guide you in the right direction,  steering you  away from making costly mistakes – (i.e.: buying 3 pairs of shoes online to find non fit, to ordering in wedding favours that don’t arrive in time, signing contracts without reading or fully understanding what the terms really mean),  these examples are not even a fraction of what some couples who don’t have the help of a wedding planner, fall into the trap of doing, which is why we are here to help you avoid making impulsive decisions that cause unnecessary financial and emotional stress.
  4. Contrary to belief, wedding planners don’t all drive around in flash cars, attending gala events every weekend or only recommend “industry friends” or those vendors offering kickbacks and commissions, (always makes me laugh when I read this in blogs). The truth of the matter is we WANT YOU to save money- that’s part of what we do. We WANT YOU to have the best possible wedding planning journey that’s stress free and not riddled with a hangover of debt at the end, and we WANT YOU to be looked after at all times , not just receiving an email “touching base” 2 weeks before your big day or appearing on your wedding day itself. For most of us, we work up to 18 hours a day seven days a week to ensure you get the very best return on your investment in our services, by building maintaining and keeping a good rapport with all of our couples and their families. The role of a good wedding planner ranges from being counsellors, mediators, personal assistants, accountants, stylists, personal shoppers, creative speech and vow writers, graphic artists, project managers, first aid assistants, M.C’s and guest relations managers. These are just some of the many hats we wear regularly.

You don’t have to decide right away whether or not to hire a wedding planner, but your life certainly gets easier the sooner you do this.

We appreciate your decision will come down to budget restrictions, but you should start having this conversation ASAP to minimize your planning stress in the New Year.

Jody Q Weddings offers payment plans of weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments to help keep your budget goals on track.


All you need is love and a wedding planner - Jody Q Weddings


Stay tuned  for our  further  tips to help you Kickstart your wedding planning for 2017.









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