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How to Start Your Wedding Planning in 2017- Part 2



How to Start Your Wedding Planning in 2017

Recently we launched our first, out of a series of tips we will be bringing to you over the next several weeks, offering  to give you the best tips in How to Start Your Wedding Planning in 2017.

We’re offering you our professional insider advice in step by step order, so you can Start your wedding plans for 2017, without feeling overwhelmed. 



How to Choose a Wedding Date

Choosing your wedding date should be the very first thing you and your partner discuss together before even thinking about buying your dream dress or searching for venues.

But how do you choose a wedding date?


Try thinking of significant reasons such as the day you first met, the anniversary of your first date, the date you shared your first kiss or for auspicious reasons that Numerology have in your religion or culture.

Other reasons such as choosing dates around when state, interstate or international school holidays fall is another way to start looking for your ideal wedding date.

This will give your family and friends with children from interstate or overseas a better chance of being able to attend.

It also helps greatly if your sights are set on a chapel wedding at your old school or photography sessions in or around historical colleges or university grounds.

Most of these places of Education will not allow weddings or photography sessions whilst students still have access to educational facilities and resources (as they will in a school term), and definitely when there are students still in residence (living on campus).


Seasonal factors are also something to be mindful of, especially if you’re a person who doesn’t like heat or is worried about rain on your special day.

If you’re planning a Perth Wedding for example, and you’re thinking of a particular month to get married, using Meteorology historical data may help you in deciding.

View historical data right back to 1993 to view Month by Month, Day by Day, Temperatures and Rainfall.


If a destination Bali Wedding is more your style, again, seasonal factors can play a big part.

Unlike Australia that has 4 season, Bali has two distinct seasons:

Dry – Between May and September

Wet – Between October to April.

For Weddings we recommend looking at the months of May, June and July.

The Guarantee of beautiful sunshine and pleasant warm days are greater and humidity is not as intense.

Bali being the island of the Gods also comes with being the island of cultural celebrations with major celebrations of


Nypei will be observed in the 2017 year on March 28th and March 9th 2018


Hari Raya Idul Fitri 2017 is on 25th and 26th of June and 15th and 16th of June 2018


We’ve added the following links below to help you with choosing your wedding date.


Get a Diary or Wedding Organiser

Perhaps you’re someone who likes to do things on the spur of the moment, or you’re just someone who likes to do things your own way, or you’re so superbly regimented with routine in your day to day life, regardless of your personality type the truth is your all different. One thing that you all need to be aware of is, if you’re going to plan your own wedding or even engage in the help of a wedding planner, you need a paper based, Diary or a Wedding Organiser, to know exactly what, where and how your next few months will be shaping up to look like.


So why a paper based diary or wedding organiser I hear you ask?


I’m a huge believer in the K.I.S.S principle (Keep It Simple and Straightforward), so the good old fashion pen to paper method is what a majority of  top industry professionals still use in addition to software, to help keep organised.

Its simple, it’s uncomplicated and it works.


You might still be someone that’s not tech savvy,  so attempting to create multiple spreadsheets and folders with the intentions  to be a highly organised bride or groom, when you’re simply not used to working this way,  is just going to cause unnecessary frustrations later on, something less likely to happen with  a paper based Diary or Wedding Organiser.


As magnificent as modern technology is, it does also have the tendency not to be reliable at times, i.e apps fail to open, batteries go flat when you’re in the middle of working on something and it fails to save, you forget to backup information, phone or laptop gets lost or stolen, or for multiple other reasons, by using a paper based Diary or Wedding organiser as your principal source of storing your wedding planning information , you’re not only building the foundations of your wedding planning journey,  you’re creating your first wedding back up plan that will act as a keepsake for years to come.


When you’re starting a paper based Diary or Wedding Organiser the first things to add are all of your important dates for the year ahead,  such as, Your Wedding Date ,  family members and friends  birthdays, anniversaries, public holidays, school holidays. If you and your fiancé work in professions that require shift work or roster rotations ensure you add these items also as far ahead as possible.

By adding these items first, will assist you in the months ahead with your wedding planning, knowing when you’re both going to be available to inspect venues together, possible timeframes of when not to book to meet or catch up with  vendors, such as a parent’s birthday, businesses closing for public holidays or your chosen vendor is a parent and takes time off over school holidays.


The next items to add to your paper based Diary or Wedding Organiser will be 10 weeks prior to your wedding Date put  a reminder to send invitations to the whole of your bridal Party to make themselves available for your wedding rehearsals, final dress and suit fittings.  This gives the whole of your bridal party  the opportunity to also get themselves organised with their work schedules and availability and save you a lot of stress when the time comes closer – 10 weeks is far enough ahead for everyone in your bridal party to get organised and close enough for everyone to start getting really excited for your big day approaching.


Jody Q Weddings offers Customised Wedding Organisers which contain a two year diary.

Contact Us Here to order





Get Your Legal Documents Ready Now

I can’t stress this enough,  how important having your legal documents ready before making any further wedding plans beyond this point.

The importance of producing legal evidence of who you are,  will be one of the first requests a Commonwealth Registered Celebrant or Officiant (religious minister/ priest ) will ask you to produce in order to Solemnize your wedding.


Your Commonwealth Registered Celebrant or Officiant (religious minister/ priest ) will require to see

  • Evidence of the date and place of birth of each party (Your original Birth Certificates)
  • Photographic Evidence such as your Current Australian Driver’s Licence, your Current Australian or Overseas Passport or your Current proof of Age Card.

If either party has been married before, (Widow or Widower or is a divorced person) a requirement to produce evidence of

  • Death of that party’s spouse (Death Certificate)
  • Divorce of that party (Decree Absolute)

By getting this information organised now before any further planning progression, will reduce any possible delays in the event of having to try and find or apply for copies later down the track.

Becoming an Organised Couple in the early stages of your wedding planning journey will minimise what I like  refer to as “ants turning into elephants”  which put simply, sometimes what  appears to be a small task may turn into a Mammoth mission if not addressed as early as possible if not straight away.

So start rummaging through your important stuff draws and files,  to ensure you’ve got the above documentation ready to go.




Finding an Authorised Celebrant


By now you’ve chosen your wedding date,  got your paper based Diary or Wedding Organiser and all your legal documents are close at hand, so let’s get the next part of becoming a stress free organised couple  planning a wedding by finding someone who will do the all important task of Marrying you.

Deciding on an Authorised Celebrant to conduct your ceremony should be approached with a lot of thought.

There are 31,754 persons in Australia authorised to Marry persons in Australia.

They range from :

So how to choose the right one for you?

If your wanting to marry in a place of worship (chapel, temple, mosque, church ) you wouldn’t look for a Registered celebrant who conducts civil ceremonies.

You would need  to look for Ministers of Religion of your recognised denomination to contact.

If a picturesque park or a simple ceremony at home is more you,  then you can still Contact Ministers of Religion of your recognised denomination  to see if possible,  or simply find a

Registered celebrant who conducts civil ceremonies.

Make sure to do your research before contacting a Registered celebrant who conducts civil ceremonies, by ensuring they are Actively Registered.

The Australian Government’s Attorney General Website has a list of all Actively Registered Authorised Celebrants  who conduct civil ceremonies within Australia.

If you don’t already have someone in mind, and you know of no one that has been suggested to you , I  always recommend contacting at least 4 Registered Authorised Celebrants  who conduct civil ceremonies for the following reasons :

  1. This is going to be one of THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSONS at your wedding, so getting the right fit for you both requires making the right choice.
  2. You might have heard fabulous reviews about a person only to find they are not available for your wedding date or they are not what you expected when you meet them face to face.

If you meet the right fitting person  on the first meeting who can commit to conducting your wedding ceremony on your chosen Date and time, then you can politely contact the others and thank them for their time, but if you haven’t found the right person,  you have potentially three other meetings that offer hope of finding your perfect matched celebrant.



We’ve put together the following links to assist you in finding an Authorised Celebrant :

All Authorised Marriage Celebrants All Authorised Celebrants

(incorporates Ministers of Religion of a recognised denomination, registered celebrants who conduct civil ceremonies or religious ceremonies for independent religious organisations) 

Actively Registered Authorised Celebrants  who conduct civil ceremonies – Civil Marriage Celebrants

Celebrants who perform religious ceremonies for independent religions – Independent Religious Marriage Celebrants




Stay tuned  for our  further  tips to help you Kickstart your wedding planning for 2017.









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